Ways to overcome Social Anxiety

Ways to overcome Social Anxiety


Ways to overcome Social Anxiety

15 Dec 2016, Posted by admin in Hypnotherapy

As human beings, we truly feel the need to be accepted by other people and this is why social phobia is very common.

This can impact anyone at any time, and causes problems with everyday situations, from going shopping to talking to people on the phone.

Social anxiety can create a great number of problems within marriages, job and a person’s general quality of life.

Quite a few people with social anxiety issues may encounter a number of difficult situations such as speaking with people, eating or drinking in public and out shopping to list just a few.

A fear of criticism is generally quite pronounced in this disorder so sufferers frequently avoid circumstances where they can be criticised.

A person with social anxiety may possibly have low self-esteem and truly feel insecure, which may create problems within romantic relationships.

Panic attacks can start to occur if social anxiety isn’t treated and these is likely to cause the sufferer further problems which include symptoms such as racing heart rate, hyperventilation and extreme feelings of unaccountable fear.

Further ramifications of this disorder are feelings of depression and an incapacity to relax which can bring about misuse of alcohol and drugs to attempt to escape their ongoing reality.

It is not unusual for a person with severe social anxiety to lose or leave their job, experience marriage breakdown or just stop socialising and even everyday life may become difficult.

Social anxiety disorder can be amazingly debilitating, however there are ways in which it can be treated with things like hypnotherapy treatments.

Hypnosis helps to establish whether or not there is a root issue, perhaps an experience from the past which has developed into feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety.

Helping the person to take control of these emotions is just part of the remit for hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis works by helping people to change their beliefs and feelings about past events as well as boosting levels of confidence and control.

Hypnosis helps the person to remove the associated problems and get back to a normal life without any social anxiety.

The benefit of hypnosis is that it works with the parts of the mind in charge of maintaining the problem, so irrespective of how big an issue it was before, it can begin to improve.

Personal relationships, social celebrations, and general daily life would no longer pose a problem in their lives and they are likely to really feel a sense of confidence and increased self-esteem.

Clare Gilsenan, a professional hypnotherapist, specialising in social anxiety and works at Making A Change explained, ‘Understanding anxiety is half the cure to resolving and dealing with it. ! Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective strategy for this sometimes debilitating issue.’

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