Experiencing a sense of deep relaxation with your attention narrowed down and focused on appropriate suggestions made by your therapist.

Visitors to my website or to my welcoming treatment practice in Findon Valley, all generally have something in common..!

They are either struggling to escape from potentially harmful habits such as smoking or gambling, or chained to a phobia such as the fear of flying, which can make a visit to the airport a nightmare and not just for the individual but also those they’re travelling with.

My aim is to help individuals overcome these, sometimes irrational, feelings and fears through completely natural means.

clare-gilsenan-hypnotherapy-chained-addictionsThe results…

• More confidence
• Relief from debilitating anxiety and damaging stress
• Improved health physically and mentally
• Positive empowerment to tackle everyday issues

I have many years’ experience in helping my clients who visit me from all over West Sussex to find the source of their problems. I then help them overcome these with a hypnotherapy-based, pain free, inexpensive solution: no visits to the doctor, no taking anti depressants or sleeping pills.

By helping you escape from whatever is holding you back you will lead a more fulfilling life, enabling you to reach your full potential.

Each and every client has individual hypnotherapy needs. 

By empowering my clients with the knowledge on how to lead a stress free life, there is very little left to do other than enjoy the experience of simply being in my calming and nurturing hypnosis clinic, in the knowledge that a solution is close at hand.

My confidential treatment can help you:

• Quit smoking
• Achieve life goals and reach your true potential
• Improve your health and regain your energy and vitality
• Remove fears & phobias
• Solve weight problems
• Release addictions
• Defeat depression
• Relieve stress & anxiety
• Gain confidence & motivation
• Overcome insomnia
• Help you through the process of bereavement

If you would like my help with any of the above, or an issue that is not listed please email or phone me to see how I can help.


Call today for a friendly chat and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer advice on how Hypnotherapy could help you. Tel: 07957 621107 or see my contact page for further ways to get in touch.