Grief is a natural process but it can feel devastating without the right help.

I trained as a bereavement counsellor 8 years ago. Having had several bereavements myself I have had personal experience of the benefits of grief counselling and the support of someone who understood the process of grief.

I can give you time and space to talk about your feelings, the person who has died, your relationship, family, work, fears and the future. Even if the person you lost died a long time ago unprocessed grief can feel very painful.

It is generally accepted that there are 4 stages of bereavement:

• acceptance: your loss is real.
• experience: the pain of grief.
• adjustment: adapting to life once they are gone.
• emotional energy: directing your energy into something new, i.e. not forgetting but moving on.

Ordinarily you’ll go through all these stages of grief, but the transition from one to the next won’t always be a smooth one. At times it may feel completely out of control and chaotic but the intensity of these feelings will dissipate. Allow yourself time, be gentle with yourself and with time the they will pass. You will also experience:

• numbness (usually the first reaction to loss).
• overwhelming sadness with uncontrollable weeping.
• physical tiredness and emotional exhaustion.
• anger, either towards the person who passed, or their illness.
• guilt, e.g. guilt around feeling angry, maybe something you wish had said or not said or you wish you had done more.

If you would like to know a bit more about how bereavement affects us, please click here


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