Low Self Confidence

Low Self Confidence


Low Self Confidence

15 Dec 2016, Posted by admin in Hypnotherapy

Helping people with low confidence using a hypnotic approach

Self confidence is how we view our own abilities to do something. Low self-confidence is where the individual has virtually no belief in their own abilities or their capacity to accomplish or develop skills. Self confidence is similar but not the same as self worth which relates to our view of ourselves. A hypnotic approach is an effective way to find the root cause of self confidence issues and tackle them efficiently.

So why do individuals need self confidence?

So many aspects of our lives are impacted by confidence. It has an effect on how we manage talking in public or even just how we talk to a friend one to one. We need this skill to allow us to take possibilities we may otherwise dismiss. We need to feel competent and able to progress in everyday life. Should you suffer from low confidence you may find that you will be quite shy, that you feel incredibly self aware and self conscious in social scenarios. You may also find yourself turning down appropriate employment opportunities because you simply don’t believe you are able to do the job advertised.

Just why might we have decreased confidence?

Low confidence can be generated by one particular trauma that affected how you view your abilities. Maybe it came from a childhood full of difficulty and negativity from your peers. Every now and then people can discover their self confidence is damaged having not realised it was a problem. A few negative events can really affect us deeply – possibly a redundancy has left you more tormented by rejected job applications than you previously would have been. In some instances it is easy to overlook how much incidents have affected us negatively and how those effects may be preventing us from moving forward. Sometimes a person just needs help seeing the skills they have and how to use it – there may be no underlying psychological trauma.

Some signs you may have low confidence are: never ending self doubt, avoidance of certain conditions for fear of feeling embarrassed, difficulties speaking with assurance, dismissing your own needs or not ascertaining what they are or neglecting or steering clear of beneficial opportunities you would like to seize, but find something is preventing you.

Can it be made better?

Certainly. The first step is identifying the root cause. Hypnosis deals with the conscious and the subconscious mind which means however deep the issue is or however complicated, it can be found and eventually dealt with. There are a multitude of options for someone struggling with this problem; the first step is finding some help. It can be really upsetting to live this way, to know you are the number one cause of your inadequate progress. It is not all doom and gloom though; simply realising this fact is also extremely constructive. When your mind is the only hurdle it is probable that you can contend with that and progress very quickly.

Most people confronting this issue have a strong need to change and seek help. Hypnotherapy strategies can help you with this issue – if you consider yourself to be a person with low confidence you should speak to Clare Gilsenan today. You deserve to trust in yourself again.

Clare Gilsenan from Making A Change is well qualified and has many years of valuable experience of treating low self confidence using Hypnotherapy processes. She has been using hypnotherapy to treat diminished self confidence within her practice serving the area around West Sussex.

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