Making a Change | FAQ’s

Please see below for a selection of the most frequently asked questions about Hypnotherapy. If your question does not appear in the list below, or if you have any other questions about the services I offer, complete the ‘Ask a Question’ box to the right.


Q. What happens during a typical session of  Hypnotherapy?

A. Firstly, I get to know my client by having a chat and asking specific questions. This helps me to decide what approach I will take in treating them.

Q. What does hypnosis feel like?

A. Hypnosis feels rather like day dreaming. When you drive from a to b but wonder how you got there. You can hear my voice and any external noises and it can feel just like you have your eyes closed as normal but feeling awake.

Q. Am I in control throughout the session?

A. Yes, at anytime, you can open your eyes and finish the session. Although more often then not, the client wants to carry on as they feel so relaxed.

Q. What techniques do you use during a session?

A. Depending on the issue/s to be addressed I will decide at the time. Regardless of the issues I take the client into a deep state of relaxation before I use hypnotic intervention.

Q. How does Hypnosis work?

A. Having got the client relaxed  I talk to you and the unconscious part of your brain that I am wanting to retrain. Old habits are replaced with new habits and behaviours.

Q. Are you going to make me bark like a dog or make a fool of myself?

A. Unfortunately stage hypnosis has given people  the wrong impression but therapeutic hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool. Click the link to read the Guardian article.

Q. Where do the sessions take place?

A. I work mainly from my cottage in Patching, West Sussex. This is in a quiet, relaxed and comfortable environment.